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Erotic chat : Emoji sexting

Over 100 new emojis have just been released (November 2020), I decided to see how they could be used to make a romance, sex and relationship combinations. If youโ€™re new to emoji combos (where have you been?) they are when you combine two or more emoji to build suggestions, expressions or even sentences.

Texting before emojis

Long before emojis ever existed people used keyboard tricks to express themselves online. Some of the most common were smilies made from 2 or 3 characters, here are some examples:

Text emojiDescription
:-)Happy face
:-(Sad face
8-)Happy face sunglasses
:-PSticking out tongue

It didnโ€™t take long before people started to develop sexual/rude based character combinations such as:

Sex emojiDescription
8====DBig penis
(_x_)Kiss my ass

Then came emojis

Emojis first appeared in the late 90's on Japanese mobile phones and opened up more exciting expressions than characters alone. Here are a selection of single emoji and their sexual alternative meanings.


Sexual emoji combos

A combined example with the existing emojis

๐Ÿ‘‹ + ๐Ÿ‘ = Spank your bottom

NEW! 2020 Sex emoji combinations

Here are the new 2020 emojis:

New emoji 2020

New emoji characters added towards the end of 2020, race/colour variations have not been included for simplicity.

Here are a brand new set of emoji sex combos.

Emoji tea bagging
Emoji safe sex
Emoji hookup
Emoji bondage
Emoji bucketlist
Emoji going down
Emoji small penis
Emoji big penis
Emoji erection
Emoji fondle
Emoji fingering
Emoji sore cock
Emoji pinch bottom
Emoji wet pussy
Emoji tease
Emoji pickup artist

Test your skills

I now have a challenge for you, here is a conversation made purely with emoji between Zara and Harry. Can you decode what they are saying?

Can you invent your own?

Hopefully I have inspired your creativeness? Do you think you can come up with some more emoji combinations for the latest updates?

Share and use

Grab the images from our site and use them on your Instagram / Facebook feed and more importantly, use my new emoji combinations when you chat online!

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