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About Cybersex Dating

Chat to a stranger about your deepest sexual desires and fantasies and heat up your mobile phone or keyboard! Use Cybersex to explore new ideas or hone your flirting skills. You're not constrained by location, only by language which opens you up to world of relationships. You can even have multiple online partners if you wish.

Cybersex dating is a powerful and fully featured dating site. Search by gender, location, sexuality and age. Chat in real-time and in private. Swap pictures with your matches.

First rate privacy allows you to be anonymous if you wish.

Safe cybersex

If you keep your relationship online then you don't have to consider the usual dating practices when meeting up in person. But you still need to be careful. Here are some suggestions to help you stay safe online.

Stay on our site
Chat to people on our site as we have systems in place that look for illegal activity. Fakes and scammers ask you to leave and use email or another message system. If we spot a baddie, we erase them. If you have left the safety of the site and chat within email you are not protected.

Don't swap naked images that include your face
Remain anonymous and then you cannot be blackmailed. There are fakes that ask for your naked photos and then threaten to send them to your social media connections. Crop your face from the picture!

Findom (Financial Domination)
Findom is not a real thing, it's made up by frauds who start an online relationship and request money like it's some form of fetish / humiliation. Hit that report button if anyone mentions it!

Never send anyone money
No mater how amazing or sad the story, NEVER send anyone money. Report and block them right away.