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Your safety is very important to us so please read our advice and seek further advice from professional organisations as required. Also ensure you read our full terms and conditions. As is generally used for people wanting to chat online only your risks are lower due to the fact that you will not meet in person. Some things you might like to consider are:

Contact and location information

Don't share your email address, phone number, social network accounts or postal address with other members. Keep all your communication within our site.

Be scammer aware

Scammers will operate on our site. We work hard to delete them and in most cases have many removed within 24 hours of joining. They will try to use methods to extract money from you or ask you to join another site which they will be paid for your sign up action. Never send any money to any user and report all people that do.

Meeting in person

If you do decide to meet another member then ensure you follow these guidelines in addition to seeking further professional advice. Talk on the telephone, meet on webcam, meet in a public place, use your own transport, tell a friend what you are doing.



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