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Improve your sexual technique

If you’re inexperienced at sex then use cybersex as a way to improve your performance. By hooking up with someone online you can learn and swap ideas that you can later use when you’re in the real world.

Bluff your way through
The huge advantage of cybersex is that you can swap erotic messages with people all over the world and you don’t even need to worry about what they look like (advantage of searching for people without a profile picture). This gives you a vast selection of online partners to try.

Find your first by working on your open lines. If you’re female you don’t need to do anything as you will get lots of messages from guys. But the men need to work harder. Send a sexy/erotic opening message, try your hardest to make your contact turned on and let the fun begin.

Ask what they like, what turns them on and then experiment with messages that suit. Learn some pointers from your first match and then repeat the process. As you learn more you can start to take the lead and see if one partners likes the same things as the previous online lovers. If you’re really lazy then chat to one partner, ask what they like and then use the ideas on another. You can hardly be accused of cheating in a text only relationship.

In summary you can use cybersex to learn and improve your own sexual technique. Remember to ask questions and look for patterns for what turns people on. Don’t be afraid to experiment as you really don’t have anything to loose and you can always remain anonymous at all times.

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