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Is Cybersex cheating?

Cybersex can be split into many different categories and can vary from SMS messages, emails, live chat and webcam sessions. Cybersex also doesn’t have to happen on a dating website, it may occur on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. With the barrier of a computer between two parties it makes it considerably easier to flirt without fear of embarrassment. Consider this opening line:

“Do you fancy talking dirty with me?”

Even the most confident man is not going to say this to a woman in a bar and it can become hard to keep the conversation flowing face to face. However, from a phone or keyboard you have more time to think and can say much wilder thoughts without anyone starting to laugh or smile! If you’re single then you can engage and enjoy cybersex with a clear conscience. But what if you are in a relationship?

If your partner was sending erotic text messages to another person would you consider it cheating?

I wanted to find out the answer so surveyed 1,041 people and asked just that.

  • 51.8% No
  • 48.2% Yes

Looking at the difference between the male and female perspective the results are very similar.

  • Women : 50.4% No | 49.6% Yes
  • Men: 52.0% No | 48.0% Yes

cybersex is not cheating

Both genders do not consider Cybersex as cheating although the results are very close.

The answer is therefore no for both males and females.

The decision of the women is very borderline and really could be considered 50 / 50. The men are a little more forgiving but only just. If you do decide to flirt online with someone else other than your partner then expect them not to be happy if they catch you. It’s probably better not to do it or focus your efforts on flirting with your partner via text messages, you may be surprised at the outcome!

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