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Cybersex introduction

Cybersex is really a natural extension of phone sex, talking dirty to each other with the option of self fulfilment. As soon as chat rooms appeared online, cybersex appeared at the same time. The chat system of choice in the early 1990s was IRC (Internet Reply Chat). Channels such as “Hot tub” existed where people logged in and chatted about sex.

The Internet offers many methods of communication which include, text based chat, voice chat and video sharing. Text chat, even though it is the lowest technology level is very popular as you have a greater level of anonymity. Moving to voice only adds some additional excitement but is only suited for people who are very experienced at cybersex or who can think quickly. Finally as you move to video sex there are really no barriers.

Text cybersex (sexting)
The message system within an online dating site is an ideal place to start. You can remain totally private and don’t have to give your email address away to your online partner. Using Email has a few risk elements which include, your friends reading your messages or exposing your address to someone you may later decide not to cyber with again. No one likes an online stalker!

Voice cybersex
Skype, Yahoo messenger and even your mobile phone can be used for voice sex. However as most of these systems support video you may be pressured to video sex before you’re ready. You will also be giving away an email and/or phone number so only migrate to this step if you’re happy with the other person.

Video sex
Cam to cam is the pinnacle of Internet based sex. You’re hands are free from the keyboard and audio and video with today’s technology are incredibly high. Do remember that whatever you do or expose could always be screen captured by the other person. Screen recording software is very easy to use and you may find your private sessions become public with an untrustworthy online partner.

In summary there are many levels of cybersex to explore. If you want the safest option then go for text messages within a dating site at first.

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